FFUN CPO Program


92 Point Inspection

FFUN Motor Group maintains a high standard of quality for the products in each of our dealerships. All of our pre-owned vehicles receive a 92-point inspection from Factory Certified Technicians. Many of our vehicles are late model vehicles and are all guaranteed. On top of that, many are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Vehicle History Reports

Our professional car buyers use due diligence to know exactly what they’re buying. You deserve the same information when you choose to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. That’s why FFUN Motor Group will provide CarProof vehicle history reports free of charge.

  • If you buy a vehicle that has a valid lien on it, the bank or lien holder could repossess it. Your CarProof report ensures that the vehicle you buy belongs to you.
  • CarProof reports provide information about accident and collision damage in two ways:
    • All CarProof reports check the data in each of Canada’s provinces and territories, as well as each state in the United States through the Experience Automotive Database, to see if any jurisdiction has labeled the car as salvage, rebuilt or a total loss. A car that has been listed with one of these registration labels in Canada or the United States has been in a major accident.
    • CarProof reports provide information on claims of damage due to accidents from Canada’s private insurance companies. The reports cover all data on paid accident claims handled by a private insurance company.
  • CarProof reports provide Canadian and U.S. registrations and insurance coverage data from private Canadian insurers, so you will have the chronological data on the VIN to check whether it has been rebuilt or cloned.

Largest Selection

FFUN Motor Group provides customers the high quality vehicles and exceptional service that they can expect from an industry leader with the largest selection in Western Canada. We treat the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. We know that you have high expectations, and as a car dealer we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards each and every time. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Guaranteed Price Policy

With our huge selection and group purchasing power we can find the vehicle you want at a great price, but if you find the identical vehicle for less, we’ll match it or add $500 cash back to your deal.


Every certified pre-owned vehicle comes with limited extended warranty coverage for your peace of mind. 30 Day/3,000 km. Included in the coverage are:

ENGINE– Cylinder Block, Heads, All Internally Lubricated Engine Parts, Manifolds, Timing Gears, Timing Chain/Belt, Flywheel, Oil Pump and Housing, Water Pump, Harmonic Balancer, OHC Carriers & Covers, Valve Covers, Oil Pan, Engine Mounts, Turbocharger/Supercharger Housings, Internal Parts, Valves, Intercooler.

DIESEL ENGINE– All of the above listed parts, PLUS Diesel Fuel Injection Pump, Lines, Nozzles, Vacuum Pump.

TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE– Case (if damaged from within), All internally lubricated parts, Torque Converter, Transfer Case, Encoder Motor, Vacuum Modulator, Transmission Mount, Master Clutch Cylinder.

FRONT/REAR WHEEL DRIVE– Final Drive Housing, All Internal Parts, Axle Shafts & Bearings, Constant Velocity Joints, Axle Housing and All Internal Parts, Propeller Shafts, “U” Joints, Hub Bearing Assembly, Locking Hubs, and Supports.

Exchange Privilege

The 7-day vehicle exchange privilege ensures your complete satisfaction if you are not happy with your pre-owned vehicle. FFUN Motor Group provides a 7-day exchange in the event that the car selected demonstrates substantial mechanical problems. You can then choose a vehicle of the same or greater value, at your own discretion. Also, note that all of the equipment installed on the first vehicle can be transferred to the new vehicle, at the customer’s expense. If the vehicle you initially purchased has been damaged or altered, the exchange program does not apply.

Exchange Privilege Terms and Exclusions

The vehicle can only be exchanged in the event of major mechanical problems. A single exchange per client is permitted at all participating FFUN Motor Group dealerships. The guarantee runs for 7 days or 500 km, whichever comes first, starting on the delivery date.The vehicle must be of equal or greater value (with a payment to cover the difference). In the event of an exchange, any equipment that has been added to the vehicle can be moved to the new vehicle at the customer’s expense. If it cannot be moved, the equipment is non-

The exchanged vehicle must be returned in the same apparent condition and state it was in upon delivery. The vehicle exchange program cannot be assigned, transferred or sold, in whole or in part. The exchanged vehicle must first be inspected by FFUN Motor Group. The
exchange program applies to all FFUN Motor Group Dealerships, and to all purchases made after March 1, 2010 unless that purchase is classified as excluded according to the criteria stated in the Exchange Privilege Terms.

The exchange program does not apply to:

  • Second Chance credit and alternative financing clients.
  • Vehicles that have been damaged by the customer or anyone else.
  • Commercial vehicles.
  • Vehicles that have been modified or altered by the customer or someone else, in any
    way whatsoever.
  • Vehicles that have been repaired without FFUN Motor Group’s prior authorization.

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.